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Custom Wide Plank Hand Hewn Hickory Pecan Hardwood Flooring w/ PegsMany times we are asked similar questions about our company and floor buying process. The most frequently asked questions are posted here for everyone to see. Hopefully this helps prospective hardwood flooring customers understand Hardwood Maniac better. We strive for the best customer service and the most transparent transactions for customer peace of mind.

We are hardwood flooring specialists and we cover a spectrum of over 50 brand name prefinished hardwood floor lines. Not only are our employees knowledgeable about hardwood flooring, but they are leaders of the industry in customer service.




Q: “Can I pay by credit card?”

Answer: Yes. We accept all major credit cards.

Q: “What if the floor arrives damaged?”

Answer: It is at your discretion whether to accept a damaged floor or not. Usually the flooring can be installed without problem due to cuts and added wasted factor figured into the flooring order. There is no charge not to accept damage material but a claim must be made with the driver upon inspection. This claim is between you and the freight company unless otherwise specified. Your freight is automatically insured for $5/lb. when you ship with Hardwood Maniac. Make sure that you still report the damage with the truck driver if you do accept damaged material.

Q: “Who is responsible for unloading?”

Answer: The person buying the flooring is 100% responsible for providing adequate means of unloading assistance at time of delivery. Delivery trucks will often leave if there is no one to unload. Additional charges may apply if unloading takes longer than 1/2 an hour.

Q: “What does Hardwood Maniac do?”

Answer: We distribute hardwood flooring by finding you the best price on the product of your choice with one of the reputable companies we have a relationship with. We do not stock material, it comes direct from the manufacturer or distributor.

Q: “How long will it take to get here?”

Answer: Normally shipping takes 2-7 business days in the United States for in stock products. Products not in stock may take 2-6 weeks to be made and shipped. Custom hand scraped flooring can take as long as 8 weeks. Products shipped from over seas can take 2-12 weeks depending on circumstances.

Q: “What if I don’t like the floor when it arrives?”

Answer: If you change your mind, a 15% restocking fee + shipping will apply for all products returned.

Q: “What if the color isn’t exactly like the sample?”

Answer: We generally discourage returns of this nature because of natural variation in wood products and color change that occurs over a period of time. If you change your mind, a 15% restocking fee + shipping will apply for all products returned.

Q: “What if its not the right product?”

Answer: If by chance the wrong product gets shipped, leave it on the truck, and send it back to the manufacturer (“Return to Sender”). We will ship the new product out immediately.

Q: “What if my floor buckles, warps, or cups?”

Answer: It is the homeowner’s and contractor’s responsibility to make sure that there is adequate moisture to install hardwood flooring. Make sure that several moisture tests are done before, during, and after wood acclimation. If the floor cups, warps, or buckles and all of the correct installation steps are taken, we will assist in making a claim with the manufacturer.

Q: “What if my finish chips, peels, cracks?”

Answer: Finish issues are covered by the manufacturer. We will assist you in making any claims covered by your finish warranty.

Q: “Will high heels leave marks?”

Answer: Yes. Most of the time, high heels do not leave marks, but sometimes they will. It depends on the person wearing them, the floor species, and heel thickness. Any hardwood floor can be scratched, dented, or gouged if it is not taken care of properly. Make sure all your furniture has sticky pads underneath it. Move large items with EXTREME care over hardwood flooring. If possible ask for high heels to be removed.

Q: “Do I need a moisture barrier?”

Answer: Yes. Anything you can do to assure that moisture under you house does not get through to your floor is highly suggested. Methods such as sealers, glues, plywood, plastic, roofing paper, and traditional moisture barriers may be used in combination to ensure a long life for your hardwood floor.

Q: “Is Aluminum/Ceramic Oxide a good finish?”

Answer: For most people aluminum oxide is a great finish that will last a long time through tough wear and tear. It is a chemically or photo electronically hardened polyurethane with aluminum or ceramic particles added. Aluminum/Ceramic Oxide finishes are generally the hardest finishes you can get on hardwood flooring and the hardest to scratch. Many products coated with Aluminum/Ceramic Oxide also have excellent finish warranties backing up the claims of greatness.

Q: “What’s the difference between the grades?”

Answer: There are essentially 4 grades of wood in the lumber industry but only 3 are used for flooring. You can select:

  • Firsts (Clear or Select)
  • First and Seconds (FAS)
  • Seconds (#1 common)
  • Thirds (#2 common)

There are also 3rds, which is everything left over after the seconds. Firsts are the highest grade of flooring and lumber in the world and usually picked from the seconds. This grade is usually called select, or clear. First and seconds are the two grades mixed, also known as mill run or FAS because everything is run at once. Seconds are usually rustic floors (#1 common) and may contain some small open knots. Thirds (#2 common) will contain open knots and may sometimes be mixed with seconds and passed off as seconds. Rustic flooring should not contain large open knots. We do not sell this kind of material unless requested.

Please call if this any of this does not make sense. 888-285-3397.

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