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Nikzad Imports - Engineered White Oak FlooringNikzad offers high quality, luxury hardwood flooring by using the latest in European milling technology. Precision milled and detail oriented, Nikzad caters to architects, builders, designers, and you. They offer a diverse line of products in both hardwood and bamboo designs, including the accessories you need to turn your house into your dream home.

Using resources from Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America enables Nikzad to offer a variety of colors and species, making it easier for you to find a perfect match for your home. Nikzad also uses cutting edge finishing technology. They use modern French Oil that allows them to take the classic look of ageless floor finishes and bring them to the 21st century. Combined with easy to use floor maintenance guides, expert craftsmen, and an emphasis on customer satisfaction, Nikzad is a preferred choice if you’re looking for top of the line engineered hardwood and bamboo flooring.

Nikzad is also a green manufacturer. They source their materials from sustainable sources, and offer the option of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification on all their wood flooring products. Their bamboo products are all FSC certified sustainable and are eligible for Lead Point Credits.

To find out more about Nikzad, you can go to their website: www.nikzad.com

Nikzad Lines of Flooring:

  • French White Oak Collection – Engineered wide plank long length French white oak hardwood flooring. Comes pre-oiled with several color options and unfinished.
  • FSC Bamboo Collection – Prefinished solid and engineered plank bamboo, strand bamboo, stained plank bamboo, and unfinished bamboo flooring.
  • Galleria Hardwood Collection – Prefinished engineered hardwood flooring. Choose from Red Oak, White Oak, Canadian Maple, Burmese Pynkado, Burmese Teak, and Burmese Walnut.

Moldings to match flooring are usually in stock.

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