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Custom Wide Plank Walnut Hand Scraped Hardwood FlooringPLEASE READ FIRST – It is the responsibility of the floor installer and homeowner to determine if the job site conditions are stable and environmentally suitable for the installation of hardwood flooring.


Payment Terms: 50% deposit down to order. Balance due upon Bill of Lading (shipping) confirmation.

Delivery Terms: Delivered in 2-7 business days. Redelivery minimum charge – $75/ trip.

Unloading Terms: Unloading is the sole responsibility of the Buyer. $100/hr. charge will be incurred after 45 minutes.

Return Policy: Unopened boxes are accepted within 30 days with a 15% restocking fee + shipping.

Warranty: All prefinished products carry a limited manufacturers warranty. Consult sales rep. for details before purchasing flooring.

Claims: Any claims must be made within 30 days of receiving material except descript in warranty document. No warranties are expressed or implied for any custom milled or hand made material.

Custom Orders: All custom milled orders may vary by up to 5%+, called “overrun”. Buyer is responsible to pay for additional overrun material. We do not accept returns on custom orders. (In the event something is mis-milled replacement material has always been approved immediately.)

Terms and Conditions of Sales subject to change.

The seller hereby sells and the buyer hereby purchases the above goods subject to the terms and conditions set forth. All materials are guaranteed as specified. Any alteration or deviation from the specifications involving extra material costs will be executed only upon order from the Buyer and will become an extra charge over the below agreed amount. No other statement, arrangement, or understanding, expressed or implied will be recognized.

1. Title and ownership of goods and property hereby sold shall remain vested in Seller, not withstanding delivery, possession or installation, until the entire price is paid in full to Seller. Before installation buyer must inspect the material, we will not be responsible for visible defects after installation. Samples might vary from actual product.

2. This contract contains the complete agreement between the parties hereto. Heirs, personal representatives and successors of the parties shall be bound hereby.

3. Terms of the payment are set forth above. Buyer and Seller agree that a charge of 1 1/2% per month (18% per year) shall be added after due date as liquidated damages in order to reimburse Seller for administrative and other costs associated with delinquent accounts.

4. Seller shall not be responsible for delays or failures in delivery by reason of strikes or other causes beyond the Seller’s control. Delivery dates are approximate, subject to normal variations and unforeseen delays. In no event shall the Seller be liable for any damages to Buyer arising out of any delay or lateness in shipment. After acceptance, Seller shall not be responsible for shortage claims or for buckling, cupping, or shrinkage.

5. If Buyer breaches this contract, Buyer shall pay the Seller liquidated damages in lieu of compensation in the amount of 10% of contract, or $250 whichever is greater, plus the cost of all materials rendered unusable. Buyer shall pay additional restocking fee of 25% for those goods authorized as returnable. Unopened packages are returnable. Custom orders are not returnable. Any other direct costs actually incurred by Seller prior to cancellation shall be borne by Buyer. Refunds can be made in the form of credit toward other purchases. Buyer shall be responsible for all freight and labor charges incurred due to cancellation.

6. Wood, flooring, being a natural product, will continue to expand and contract with the changing seasons. Some minor separation between boards may occur over the years. Customer understands that all wood flooring and other wood products are natural with individually distinctive color and grain variations. Nature has produced these variations. These variations can be exaggerated in larger samples, when stain and finish are applied, in different lighting, and from batch to batch. Buyer must allow for these variations. We will not accept returns of this nature.

7. By accepting these terms and conditions of sale Buyer agrees to release Seller and to defend, hold harmless, indemnify, and waive all rights of subrogation from any and all liability arising from live insects or damage resulting from insects from the flooring/lumber purchased from Seller after 90 days from date of delivery. If the flooring/lumber has been moved to a different location other than the original delivery site, Seller will bear no responsibility for the condition of the flooring/lumber. This includes but is not limited to all active and passive liability, with the exception of the sole or willful negligence of Seller, for any damage resulting from any infestation of the insect commonly known as the Powder Post Beetle and any other insect species. Seller and its employees cannot be liable for the contamination of multi-cyclical insects where it’s virtually impossible to determine where the wood was infected. Seller shall not have any responsibility to a third party after product has been installed.

8. In the event of legal actions to enforce any of the obligations of Buyer under this agreement, Seller shall be entitled to court costs and reasonable attorney fees. Hardwood flooring sold by Seller cannot be guaranteed against cupping, buckling, warping or shrinkage to moisture content in the air or ground, direct sun, or excessive heat. New wood installations are recommended to have an acclimation period of approximately 2-3 weeks and should maintain a constant room temperature of not less than 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Excessive slab or sub-floor moisture will void any manufacturer’s warranty and any warranties by seller. If a dispute arises Buyer agrees to have an independent state certified floor evaluator assess the floor. Competitors and general contractors are not acceptable. Cost of evaluation will be divided 50/50 between Buyer and Seller.

9. Bounced checks are subject to a $50.00 fee plus any other cost incurred.

10. The laws of the State referred to in the Seller’s address will govern the validity, construction, and interpretation of the rights and duties hereto applicable to contracts made among residents of, executed in, and to be performed in said state.

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